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Brett Newton's Inside Casting for the Professional Actor: Featuring Mark Teschner (AudioBook)
Brett Newton's Inside Casting for the Professional Actor: Featuring Mark Teschner (AudioBook)
A 55 minute AudioBook from, ABCs General Hospital's, Emmy Winning Casting Director Mark Teschner.
Price: $15.00
Mark Teschner Sample on Auditioning (Chapter 3 Sample)
Chapter 1: Career (2.38)
Chapter 2: Breakdowns & The Casting Process (8.24)
Chapter 3: Auditioning (14.38)
Chapter 4: Marketing (9.37)
Chapter 5: Words of Wisdom (6.40)
Chapter 6: Casting Journey (6.05)
Chapter 7: Bonus Material (7.01) 

(Downloads in standard M4B AudioBook format with bookmarks.  Works with iTunes, iPhone, iPad, & any AudioBook player.  Encrypted link will be emailed immediately following your purchase)

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Newton’s Inside Casting for the Professional Actor (eBook)
Interviews with Casting Directors & more
by Brett A. Newton
Newton's Inside Casting for the Professional Actor (eBook)
Newton's Inside Casting for the Professional Actor (eBook)
60+ pages of Interviews with: Fern Champion, Manny Fernandez, Sunday Boling, & Agent Tracy Mapes. Download in PDF format.
Price: $10.00
(An encrypted download link will be emailed immediately following your purchase.) 
Purpose: To present a fun, informational guide to Actors directly from the Casting Professionals.
Includes: Horror Stories, Auditioning, Personal Story, Actor Tools, Pet Peeves, Callbacks, Success Stories, Fun Facts, & more!  


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Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 3.42.46 AMFERN CHAMPION is the Iconic Hollywood Casting Director with a myriad of feature films and television series under her belt.  Her professional journey began in New York as a small boutique owner and then onto creating a lasting career as one of the most renown casting directors in Los Angeles today.   Her resume includes: Saturday Night Fever, The Naked Gun, Police Academy, & The Mask.  She has also discovered such talent as Cameron Diaz, Mickey Rourke, Danny Glover, Kim Cattrall and more.  Most recently she has been casting the ”Hatfields & McCoys” on The History Channel starring Kevin Costner.


Manny Fernandez Cover Photo

MANNY FERNANDEZ, Casting Associate, has literally been holding up Slater/Brooksbank Casting for over 5 years.  He is the right hand man to both Mary Jo Slater and Steve Brooksbank.  As a southern California native he has a vast knowledge of the entertainment industry and moved his way up from Intern to Associate.  He has also worked in the management side for a number of years.  His casting credits include Chaos, The Tudors, Flight 93, Kojak, Mistresses for ABC, and Perception on TNT.  This is a man who likes to get people work.


Sunday Boling Cover Page

SUNDAY BOLING, the “Sunnyside” of Morman/Boling Casting, has been casting for over 12 years.  After working at 20th Century Fox as Christian Kaplan’s assistant and working on huge feature films like The New World, Dude Where’s My Car and much more, she created her own company with friend and casting director Meg Morman.  They are now a casting powerhouse catering to the best indy feature films out there.  Sunday has worked with huge names in the casting world including: Donna Isaacson, Christian Kaplan, Julie Hutchinson, Debi Manwiller, Eyde Balasco, Sheila Jaffe, Francine Maisler and has major influence within her community.  Morman/Boling casting has been in business for over 7.5 years.

Tracy Mapes Cover PhotoTRACY MAPES spent most of her life “Growing Up In The Business” and it would only be a matter of time before she would find herself as a key player.  Tracy has an extensive background in Production, Casting, and over ten years of expertise as a Talent Agent.  From Commercials to Theatrical, Celebrity Endorsements and now Reality, this Native Californian heads these divisions at the prestigious IMPERIUM 7 Talent Agency.  Tracy is a television Academy Member, has been featured in Studio City Lifestyle magazine, People magazine, and is an overall asset to the entertainment industry.


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Created by Brett A. Newton